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December, 2018

Construction Update

The start of our construction project here at the main campus is currently estimated to be in second quarter of 2019. When we begin construction the whole southeast area of our property will become a fenced in restricted zone. When that happens several things will need to be relocated so that everyday functions like shipping & receiving, trash & biohazard collection, food delivery, the greenhouse, etc. can continue uninterrupted during construction. In anticipation of our late spring start date we are preparing space here on the campus now to accommodate these various activities.

The enabling package will begin November 12th on the north side of the Office Plaza building where we will eventually be relocating the greenhouse, the trash compactor and the biohazard trailer as well as installing a temporary building that will house shipping and receiving. We will be adding sidewalks on the north and east side of the building as well as a ramp that will go from the Café door on the west of the main building to the crosswalk at the parking lot level. This will allow supplies, trash, produce, food and laundry to move in and out of the building while we are under construction. This work should be completed by November 30th.

In addition we will also be working on the east side of the building. This will include the installation of a new sewer pipe that will eventually be hooked up to and serve the new addition. We will also be adding a concrete path that will connect the south exit door of the existing MedSurg department to the paved fire lane just north of the Radiology department. We are required by the Fire Department to provide this means of egress to our patients and staff during construction. This part of this early project should begin the first week of December and be completed by the end of the year.

This site preparation work of course cannot be accomplished without some unusual noise, vibration and if the wind blows just right, the occasional odd smell. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. If you have any concerns you wish to express please feel free to contact Terry Schmidt or Connie Wilmot with them.

We are making great progress on the Care Center plans. We have completed the second phase of design development and are doing a final review to be sure we have a viable plan. We will do another budget check to ensure we are on track and then proceed to the final design phase of construction documents. If everything goes well we are still tracking for a first quarter 2019 start.


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