Student Health Center in Parachute

970.285.5719  |  100 East 2nd Street in Parachute

Hours of Operation:  Open Tuesday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm


Bringing Health Care to Schools

The first, Grand River Health Student Health Center in Parachute, opened late 2010.

Statistics show that students miss less school, learn easier and get the health care they need when school-based health care is available. Parents also miss less work when there is an accessible and inexpensive option for their child’s health care needs.

Grand River Health Student Health Center is staffed by a licensed nurse practitioner, mental health therapist and coordinator. Services include physical exams, immunizations, routine lab tests and throat cultures, prescriptions and medications, care for acute injury and illness, management of chronic illnesses such as asthma, parent and student wellness education programs and referrals to community providers and agencies. A mental health therapist is also on staff to help patients through a wide range of issues including depression, addictions and adjusting to life at home or school. For hours and more information call 970.285.5719.

Grand River Health Student Health Center offers affordable care that is available to students and staff of Garfield County School District #16 in Parachute and Battlement Mesa. No student will ever be denied services because of inability to pay and fees may be waived if necessary. If patients do not have insurance, only a $20 flat fee for the office visit is collected.

Grand River Health Student Health Center was made possible by a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation and community partnerships that include Community Advisory Committees, Garfield County School District #16 for Parachute/Battlement Mesa and Colorado West Mental Health Services.



Grand River Student Center in Rifle

970.665.7922  |  703 Railroad Avenue