Stepping in to Action: Community Step Challenge Results

July 10,2018, Rifle Colo: Organizations across Western Garfield County took a “step’ in the right direction when it came to their health in the first ever Western Garfield County Step Challenge ! Twenty Four teams took part in the inaugural challenge, which ran the month of June. “It started out as kidding around in the hallway about who could outdo who in steps at Grand River Health” say GRH Physical Therapist Phyllis Zilm. “That led to the idea of doing a challenge among the first responders at Rifle PD and CRFR”. So I went to our Community Relations Director, Annick Pruett and well…we got 24 teams!”
The 24 teams made of ten people on each team managed to accumulate over 70 million steps for the month. “ Grand River put the challenge out on social media. We had no idea how popular the idea would be. It was all in fun and not to see who could win…okay some people really wanted to win, but truly everyone who participated was a winner” said Pruett. She adds ”It made people consciously think about being more active… parking further away, walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator… holding walking meetings…it got people to make a conscious choice to move!” She adds “They say “sitting in the new smoking” when it comes to your health…so our goal with the challenge was to simply get people to think more about adding movement to their day!”
Collectively the teams logged over 68 million steps in the month long challenge. The winning team, was Team 4 from Grand River Health with a total of 4,467,851 steps . Second place went to Grand River Team 1 with 4,455,941 and in third place was GRH Team 2,736,878. The top individual stepper was Lisa Domer with 1,099,710 steps! “Everyone had such a great time we are going to do it again! This time we did it for bragging rights…next time we will sweeten the pot a bit!” says Zilm, who is ready for rematch! (She was on team 1).

Here are the Final Results:
GRH1 4,455,941
GRH2 3,736,878
GRH3 2,271,194
GRH4 4,467,851
GRH5 2,593,697
GRH6 3,448,984
Highland Elementary 1 3,692,014
Highland Elementary 2 3,390,060
HighlandElementary 3 3,151,080
Columbine Ford 2,968,541
Donut Crew Rifle PD 3,265,696
Garfield County911 2,844,326
Garfield County Public Health 3,352,903
Glenwood Springs Healthcare 2,424,603
Rifle Chamber 1,113,289
Rifle Animal Shelter 1,398,388
Spevere Chiropractic 2,883,859
Jack Davis Dentistry 3,711,458
Sears 2,883,359
SGM 3,060,635
Cheryl Chandler and CO 1,625,288
Town of Newcastle 2,634,199
Alpine Bank Lone Rangers 2,683,068
Colorado River Fire Rescue 528,835
Rifle Middle School 1,728,865