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Surgery Procedures

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Prices  listed below  are Average prices

Total Hip Arthroplasty $80,499.92
Laparoscopy Appendectomy $26,864.36
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy $35,838.40
Arthoscop Rotator Cuff Repair $29,794.72
Repair of Nasal Septum $9,426.44
Remove Tonsils and Adenoids $12,952.54
Removal of Adenoids $6,825.60
PRP I-Hernia Init Reduc 5 yr $10,347.24
Create Eardrum Opening $4,878.43


These are typical charges for the listed principal procedure(s) and are the hospital and anesthseologist charges only. These are estimated average charges only.

Physician fees are not included in these estimates, you will be billed by Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Radiologist, Pathologist, etc…