Surgical Services

501 Airport Road, Rifle, Colorado 81650

For more information and scheduling, call 970-625-1510


Grand River Health Surgery Department provides a wide range of highly skilled surgeons and nurses that focus on particular areas of care in which they have extensive training and education. Surgical services, including general, laparoscopic, emergency surgeries, and chronic wound care. We also are able to offer our patients greater access to specialty services.

General Surgeons 

Stuart Ackley, MD, FACS
Craig Andersen, MD, FACS
Jim Hanosh, MD, FACS
Paul Kanakaraj, MD FACS
Steven T. O’Day, MD
Joyce Sekharan MD FACS
Joel Schaefer MD FACS

Orthopaedic Surgeons 

Robert Derkash, MD, FAAOP
N. Lindsay Harris, MD
Frank Kopich, MD
Andrew Sever, PA-C


Mary Glode, MD, FACOG, Chief of Medical Staff
Jill Kingston, MD
LeAnn Kocher, MD
Jean Mages, WHNP, BC


Lee Krauth, MD

Otolaryngolist – Ear Nose & Throat

Peter Zonakis, MD FACS


Jill Peotter, DPM


Trygve Hutto, DO
Jeffrey Kirkpatrick MD
Ronald McCann, CRNA
William Trouskie, CRNA