Oyen Hoffman LAC
<h3>Oyen Hoffman, LMFT</h3>

Oyen grew up in a small, rural area of California. After graduating from Chapman University in Orange, California, he moved to the Denver area to begin his practice as an addiction Case Manager for the Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation.  In 2015 Oyen made the move to Glenwood Springs and has been practicing in the Valley ever since.

Oyen specializes in helping marriages & couples with issues from addiction to infidelity to communication. He can help with emotional, behavioral, relational or addiction challenges. “Asking for help is tough, nearly impossible, taking courage. I hold Licenses in Colorado as a Marriage & Family Therapist and Addiction Counselor. I utilize several evidenced-based best practices e.g. Gottman Method, EMDR, mindfulness & meditation. I am a national speaker and trainer as well as a published author. I look forward to serving you and your agenda is my agenda.”

Oyen strives to create a safe place for you to do the work to achieve YOUR desired result. He teaches effective communication, conflict resolution and can help marriages not only heal from just about everything, but bring the passion, connection, and intimacy back.