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Emergency Medicine


Hours: Staffed 24/7

501 Airport Road, Rifle, CO 81650


Emergency rooms treat patients based on the severity of condition. Patients with life-threatening injuries are treated first. 

Some of the most common reasons to go to an emergency room are:

• Severe chest pain

• Severe abdominal pain

• Wheezing or shortness of breath

• Paralysis

• Intestinal bleeding

• High fevers or rash, especially among children

• Vaginal bleeding with pregnancy

• Repeated vomiting

• Poisoning

• Severe head or eye injuries

• Allergic reactions

• Unconsciousness


Emergency Room Providers

Rakhat Ashymov, PA-C
Garrett Caputo, MD
Robert Citkovic, PA-C
Michael Duehrssen, MD
Kenneth J. Eckstein, MD
S. Nichole Feeney, MD
Jonathan Gibans, MD
Kelly Glenn, DO, ACEP
Samuel Kevan, MD
Dawn Kopf, PA-C
Sara Shainholtz, PA-C
Matthew Skwiot, MD, ED Medical Director



Emergency Department Fees