Dr. Kelli Konst-Skwiot
<h3>Kelli Konst-Skwiot, MD</h3>
Phone: 970-625-1100

Dr. Skwiot received her B.S. from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1998 and went on to receive her Masters in Health Service Administration from Saint Joseph’s College in Maine. Konst- Skwiot graduated from St. Mathews University School of Medicine in 2005. She completed her residency at the University of North Carolina MAHEC Rural Family Practice Program where she was honored as the Chief Resident. She then worked at an underserved health clinic in Ohio before moving to Glenwood Springs in 2010, where she has been practicing medicine ever since . “Dr. Kelli”, as she is affectionately called by her patients, lives in Glenwood Springs with her emergency medicine physician husband, Dr. Mathew Skwiot, and their four boys. The Skwiots enjoy a host of outdoor activities including hiking, biking and camping and also seem to share a love of cooking!

When asked what drew her to Grand River Health, Konst -Skwiot says “My passion is establishing deep, long lasting relationships with my patients and their families regardless of their payor status. I feel that this is also GRH’s mission and am looking forward joining their team.”

What does Dr. Konst-Skwiot look forward to most at Grand River Health? “I am impressed with the talented and experienced group of physicians I will have the privilege to work with, as well as the dedicated and qualified staff. I love that my patients will have such a wide variety of services here, all under one roof. It will be so convenient for them.”