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Whatever your work-related health needs, employers and employees can depend on the Grand River Occupational Health for reliable and timely results. 

201 Sipprelle Drive, Battlement Mesa, CO 81635    970.285.5731
The Occupational Health Center is located on the lower level.

Grand River Health located at Grand River Health Clinic West in Battlement Mesa works hard to keep you on the job. Our physicians, physician assistants, occupational and physical therapists provide all the necessary tests and assessments, so you can be hired, stay safe and continue to make a living.

Services tailored to Western Colorado…

Living and working in Western Garfield County presents unique employment challenges and hazards. We are well acquainted with the specialized work of the gas industry, construction, transportation and other physically demanding vocations. Grand River Health sees more hand and upper extremity trauma than other regional hospitals and as a result added new staff and services to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate these specific workplace injuries.

We also offer Drug and Alcohol Testing, DOT Physicals and many other employment screenings.

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Available Screenings

DOT Physicals

Pre-Employment Physicals

Drug & Alcohol Screens
(DOT & Non-DOT)

Work Comp Injuries

Post-Offer Evaluations (Worksteps)


Mask Fits

Pulmonary Function Test

Respirator Clearance

Vaccines (Hep B, MMR, Flu, etc)