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Summer Safety Tips and Tricks

Kids playing at the playground

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In this enlightening episode, Dr. Sandra Feeney and Dr. Colby Quintenz delve into the critical topic of summer safety. With summer being a favorite season for outdoor activities and vacations, it also brings its set of hazards that are often overlooked.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone wanting to enjoy summer activities responsibly and keep their loved ones safe.

Breastfeeding and Your Lifestyle

Enabling BreastfeedingAugust is National Breastfeeding Month. World Breastfeeding Month is an annual celebration of breastfeeding to increase breastfeeding awareness and to improve the health of mothers and babies. This year’s theme is Enabling breastfeeding making a difference for working parents. Breastfeeding impacts the health of the family, the community and the planet. It is imperative to work together across sectors and levels to protect, promote and support any and all amounts of breastfeeding for the health of Coloradans.

This year’s focus is on breastfeeding and employment/ work. It will showcase the impact of paid leave, workplace support and emerging parenting norms on breastfeeding through the lens of parents themselves. Target audiences including governments, policymakers, workplaces, communities and parents will be engaged to play their critical roles in empowering families and sustaining breastfeeding-friendly environments in the post-pandemic work life.

Join Grand River in celebrating and promoting breastfeeding during WBW and the entire month of August. Check out our breastfeeding photo displays at Rifle campus. Read the breastfeeding welcome here signs located in the waiting areas at Grand River. Talk to your supervisor about identifying a room close by your area to provide privacy for breastfeeding patients that request it. Check out breastfeeding resources, including information on Colorado laws and statewide and county level breastfeeding friendly recognition programs at

If you have questions about breastfeeding, call us at 970.625.6200

World Breastfeeding Month Goals

World Breastfeeding Month Goals

Breastfeeding Podcast

Grand River Health's Changing Lifestyles Department bring you an enlightening podcast that aims to assist mothers as they embark on the incredible journey of motherhood, emphasizing the challenges and benefits of breastfeeding. In a world where balancing personal and professional lives can be taxing, this episode provides insights on how to prepare for the transition back to work after maternity leave. Join presenters Jenna Collinge BS, CLC and Stephanie Nick RDN, CLC for this heartfelt discussion.