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Connecting our Communities

Resource Summit

Because the health and wellbeing of our community is our priority at Grand River Health we will be hosting our First Annual Community Resource Summit.

The Community Resource Summit will showcase numerous local organizations that offer support to members of our community.

The organizations that will be attending are for the following resources:

  • Alcohol/Substance
  • Mental Health/Therapy
  • State/VA/County
  • Financial
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Food/Housing
  • Community Infrastructure

The Community Resource Summit is a free event for all of our community members.
The Community Resource Summit will also have keynote speakers that will provide helpful information regarding their organization. The keynote speakers are the following:

Dave Pruett
Colorado native David Pruett has served in the role of Garfield County Veterans Services officer since 2020. He served in the Navy in special ops for several years prior to returning to his hometown of Rifle CO.
“When I returned I needed some assistance filing for benefits and enlisted the help of VSO Joe Carpenter to help me navigate the systems. I knew someday I wanted to give back to other veterans since Joe helped me so much when I returned home” says Pruett. He adds “I enjoy helping veterans, especially our aging veterans who never knew what was available to them, and now find themselves needing a helping hand. “
Pruett has been instrumental in helping veterans of all ages obtain and secure the benefits they may be eligible for after completing their service in the military. These benefits may include medical, disability, pension and a number of other services.

S. Nichole Feeney, MD
Pediatric Medicine, Emergency Services & Internal Medicine: Grand River Health
Dr. Feeney moved to the area with her husband Ryan, an attorney, and four children. She adores horses and owns four Tennessee Walkers. She calls them her “therapy.” The Feeney family loves acting and theater.
When asked what drew her to rural medicine, Dr. Feeney says, “Rural health care allows me to give total patient care and the opportunity to be more involved in the community. It makes it more personal. I grew up in the country…I love this area and all it has to offer. I love the wonderful medical community in Rifle, helping my patients and living a more balanced lifestyle for myself and my family.”

Brisa Isela Chavez
Educator in the WIC program and Hispanic Outreach coordinator for Garfield County Public Health.
Brisa was born in Chihuahua Mexico and raised in Colorado. As a daughter of immigrants, Brisa is proud of all her community work as she dedicates to help communities build individual and collective leadership.
Brisa has worked in the public health for more than 20 years. She graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Communication, Literature and English. In 2020 she received a Humanitarian Service Award from Garfield County for empowering the community. Brisa is committed to elevating marginalized voices and sharing her time as a volunteer for different committees.
Brisa was appointed to the State Board of Human Services in 2021 to better the programs and the services for the state.
Brisa has lived in Garfield County with her husband and 2 kids for 23 years and loves to spend time with her family in the outdoors
Gabe Cohen
Executive Director/Peer Support Specialist: Discovery Cafe
I am no stranger to despair. I’ve been in and out of the criminal justice system since I was 15 years old. Addicted to drugs, alcohol, and a life of violence, I was repeatedly kicked out of various treatment centers just when I needed help the most. It wasn’t until I was released from prison for the last time at 41, broke and homeless, that I found my pathway to recovery.
Since then, I have reconnected with my family, and moved to the Western Slope of Colorado where I began training in martial arts and founded American Krav Maga. In 2020 I became an Approved Treatment Provider for the Colorado Department of Corrections, providing outpatient substance use disorder classes for the parole department. I also volunteer with two Sheriff’s departments providing Bible study in the jails with inmates, sharing my story and motivating individuals to make positive changes in their lives through my non-profit charitable organization, Kings and Priests Ministry.

When: Saturday, September 17th from 9am-12pm
Where: Grand River Health Conference Center 501 Airport Rd, Rifle, Co 81650
Who: All community members that would like to be informed of local resources that are offered in our valley.