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Changing Lifestyles team delivers great information about Diabetes

In our latest podcast, Sabina and Keri from the Changing Lifestyles team deliver great information about Diabetes; the types, causes, prevention and the many resources for management.

Learn what diabetes is and the role that activity, stress, sleep and of course diet can all play in pre-diabetic and diabetic patients.

 “All foods fit” is a motto Sabina shares in the podcast, “It’s just portion and frequency.”

Sabina, Keri and the Changing Lifestyles team are committed to the education and empowerment of patients so they can lead full, healthy lives. Listen now to learn more:
Learn More about Diabetes Podcast

For more information on the programs discussed in the podcast, visit the Changing Lifestyles page on the Grand River Health website or call their direct line at 970-625-6200